Sunday, 17 November 2013

creative children at Two Rocks Primary School

A big thank-you to teacher and TRYCAN member Renae Spowart, who arranged my visit last  Tuesday to Two Rocks Primary.  I had a busy time, talking to seven classes of attentive and appreciative students about the family heritage of making-do which inspires my work.  Best of all was the final talk, to Ms Spowart's Year 3 class, where I had time to include a brief activity.  Inspired by my family collection of old rag dolls and the sock dolls made during the residency, the children created a wonderful range of dolls and sock puppets using pegs, socks and a variety of scraps.  I managed to get photos of some and also a few descriptions.  I hope to have the whole class's dolls on display, with their stories, at the residency exhibition at the end of November (more on that in a later post).  What a wonderful talented class! 

 A cotton ball red-back spider, and a sock puppet horse


A crazy-haired, googly four-eyed monster

Happy family in the making - Dad was missing from the group only due to the lack of a third sock! 

Mr Money, a robber

A grandmother, and a masked Ninja

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